Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm back, Thank you and New Project!

Hello Wizards and Pirates! 
I had few days off of work so found time to rethink and start blogging again!

Firstly I must say one big THANK YOU to Edward Lifegem for the amazing blog post he made about my Sun Palace, which you can see here, for all the nice words he said, and since he was the first to introduce me to the community I am very grateful! I also have to thank him for the courage he gave me to get back blogging and do what I like to do - to show others the way I see everything surrounding us!

/Hope you don't mind I borrowed it :)!/
Thank you for everything Ed!!!

Since I was quiet for a very long I was thinking about how to make my posts more interesting, and came up with the idea of making a little project of mine!
It is called "Project: What if..?". I am very into drawing since I was like 5 so I always find at least a little time to draw something mostly every day! 
The project itself is a way to show how characters can look different! 
So every week around Wednesday I will make a new post with a character or maybe even more than one looking different from the real version. 
Took me quite a while to think what the first character should be and thought that there is one character which we see only see once but cannot forget easily - Mithraya!
So What if... Mithraya had a sister but who looks completely opposite to her!
Here is our friend, well is an enemy at the end of Celestia:

...but what if: she was Ice! : 

I present you Celest - the frozen angel of Celestia, the sister of Mithraya :)!

So well that's pretty much what the project is about! For all the next chapters of the "What if..." Project I would like you to choose which character will get a full-change plus I will try to think of a background story for the character you choose /or maybe you will give me some ideas!/!
Please leave a comment bellow with the name of the character, and if you'd like some story about it, that you would like to be next in the project!

Thank you for reading and see you all in the Spiral :)!
Terri Spell / Bad Terri Jones

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We are back!

Hey wizards!
Terri and Scarlet back!!!
Hope you didn't miss us (especially when we know no one even remembers us LOL)

After seeing all those great bloggers, wizards and all the people in one word, my heart warmed and I found the sparkle I needed to come back!
This time Scarlet will be a bit more passive because she is too stubborn if asking me but anyways.

Have fun around the Spiral,
Terri & Scarlet!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

And the winners are...

Hey hey!
We finally chose the winners and they are:

Grand Prize:
Nicole Star
"Christmas is one very special holiday to me, either in the game and real life. Christmas is full of happy moments and like I love saying Christmas is full of magic!"
"The most Christmas-tly place for me in the game is Commons in Wizard City, because what is more Christmast-ly than a big holiday tree :)!"

1st Place:
David FireHorn
"The coolest thing about the wizard 101 Christmas to me is Felix Navidad because he has all this nice gear and wands and pets . The most important thing about the wizzy101 Christmas to me are the charity mounts , mainly because they go to charity . I think that that's a really good thing on behalf of KingsIsle so yeah & mainly because its a fun time to spend with friends. Oh & the most Christmas-Like place to me is Grizzleheim . . . But sadly they don't decorate it , they should though !"

2nd Place:
Cody FireSword
"I think Wizard101 Christmas is one day where everyone are happy and friendly .For me is special because I will be with my friends in the game.I don't know where is the most Christmast-ly place for me because if I am with my friends everywhere will be fun and it will be the most christmast-ly place for me."

3rd Place:
"Dear Terri, honestly for me Wizard101 Christmas is not very special because I like spending that special holiday with my family, but that don't mean that I don't like it, I love all the Christmas themed mounts, pets, housing items, etc. For most Christmast-ly place I chose GrizzleHeim because it is full of bears, ravens, wolves, ice, snowy hills and much, much more."

We want to say thank you to all those who entered our little contest and we hope we will be back with another one soon!
For now take care and have wonderful holidays,
Terri and Scarlet!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Days of the Spiral Completed!

Hey hey!
I found some time and decided to list all the 12 13 days of "The 12 13 Days of the Spiral"
So here they are (for more info --> here)

1st day - The Charity Fa-la-la-la Llama Mount
2nd day - Gingerbread House/Ship Decorating Contest
3rd day - Free Pirate101 Holiday Item
4th day -  50% off of some Crowns Items (expired)
5th day - Free Wizard101 Holiday Items
6th day - Holiday Items Available in both Pirate101 and Wizard101
7th day - Wizard101 Yuletide Pack now Available
8th day - Pirate101 Yule Trogg Companion now Available
9th day - Free Mystery Coupons (save up to 50% from your entire cart)
10th day - Free Pirate101 Gold (up to 5000 gold!)
11th day - Free Wizard101 Holiday Housing Item
12th day - Free Pirate101 Unit Training Point
13th day - New Wizard101 Items - White Winter Owl Pet and Reindeer Sleigh Mount

We wish you all the best in those lovely holidays!

Terri and Scarlet

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Terri's Wintry Contest!

Hey wizards!
We are very happy to host our very first contest on The Spiral Wonders!
First of all we want to say one VERY BIG thanks to the amazing Wizard101 fansite, Legends of the Spiral and their new W.C.A.A. program for the prizes, and our great Scarlet that will give her Fog staff code that she got from Mercenaries101!
Well for the contest now :)!

I wasn't very sure what to be the contest like, but decided:
I want you to write a short text, just in few paragraphs, What is the Wizard101 Christmas(Yuletide) for you, why it is special for you and where is the most Christmast-ly place* in Wizard101 for you, and why?
*Would be great if you attach a picture of the place!

Grand Prize - Fog Staff and Goldenbeak Sword
1st Place -  Goldenbeak Sword
2nd Place -  Goldenbeak Sword
3rd place -  Goldenbeak Sword

Please submit all entries to and don't forget to put your wizard name, please don't give any of your personal information!
The contest start today 11.12.12 and finish on 21.12.12 at 6 p.m. CST!
If you have any question feel free to ask on the post :)!

Happy writing,
Terri and Scarlet!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Spells

Hey wizards!
Yesterday I completely forgot to post the new spells so here they are:




See ya around the Spiral,
Terri and Scarlet!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Missed me...?

Hey wizards and pirates,
I hope you didn't miss me (I know you didn't of course :P)!

Well first of all I want to say sorry again for not posting lately but work and all those holidays coming make you don't have much free time, but like we all see KingsIsle and all the amazing fansites give us all their free time, so if you have a second visit them all, and you may win cool prizes from all their contests :)!

Other cool things are the amazing "12 Days of the Spiral"

1st day -  The Charity Fa-La-La-La Llama Mount

2nd day - Gingerbread House or Ship Decorating Contest!
You can win 60,000 crowns so head to here, read the rules and let your imagination do all the work :)!

Third and last thing is Test Realm!
Head on the Test Realm and see the awesome new Food Fight Housing Game,
and the three new amazing craftable spells, which are sold by Grady in Dun Scaith in the Wyrd.
Check later when I post the spell images :)!

Thanks for giving us some of you time,
Terri and Scarlet!